Learn Git: tryGit (Code School)

Among the items on my ad-hoc list of ‘to-dos’ for getting into data science: get an introduction to distributed version control systems (VCS). Just recently on the Kaggle blog, there was a great article on Engineering Practices in Data Science and the need for source control. I admit that the idea was a new one to me, but it makes complete sense. Instead of cleverly-named (or so you thought…) files stored away in random hard drive locations, having a good pipeline helps “get the goo of software out of the way so they can focus on valuable data problems.”

Sounds great. So, for a rookie to the field, where do I begin? Turns out, Git has the answer. Many of them, in fact. From free online textbooks, to uber-intro (i.e. for me) walkthroughs like tryGit, you can find a way into VCS. 

I had a hunch that Git was going to be useful to me eventually; I set up an account and used Gist to embed my ‘reference cards’ on Python and bash. Having run through the tryGit tutorial, I feel… interested. Without previous experience, it’s all still a bit mysterious. But I can see the utility, so I’m looking forward to experimenting more with it, soon.